Cycling San Francisco

Cycling around San Francisco is one of the best ways to take it all in. Whether you bike with many of the cycling tours that San Francisco has to offer, or go biking by yourself, San Francisco has many places to go. Urban biking can be relaxing or intense, depending on your personal preference. Biking can be done safely with the correct frame of mind and a few useful cycling tips.

As for the mindset, bicycles and cars do not mix. Cars move much faster and the drivers always feel entitled to get to their destination as fast as they can without any obstacles. The key is to avoid ugly situations. In California, it is legal for a cyclist to use the same road as drivers; cyclists always stay on the right side of the road and don’t ride on the sidewalk. Because of this motorists have been known to tailgate bicyclists, honk and them and yell profanity. To avoid situations, it’s safe to pull over and let the vehicle pass.

But just because you’re avoiding bad situations doesn’t mean you have to ride passively. The key to safe cycling in urban cities is to be aggressive. Accidents seem to happen when riding timidly. Cyclists that are just beginning need to take it slow until a certain level of comfort is found, just don’t be too timid.

Beginners usually begin by riding on the sidewalk or too close to the curb. When you ride like this, drivers have a harder time seeing you. The chances of cars driving out in front of you are increased, also in several states, riding your bicycle on the sidewalk is against the law.

Also one thing to always keep in mind is to try to predict what vehicles and drivers are going to do. Try to think ahead and figure out what the car in front of you is planning on doing? Do they see you coming? Is there a chance of them pulling out in front of you?

Also be sure to watch out for parked cars. You never know if a door may suddenly open, or if a driver may suddenly pull out of a parking spot. Be sure to look at how the vehicles tires are pointed. Is it possible for the vehicle to pull out in front of you?

When you’re cycling, it’s best to have all the right bicycling apparel. If you haven’t bought a bicycle yet, the first thing you need to consider is if the frame of the bike is right for you. Always consider your height when looking for the right bike. Different bike frame builders usually use different angles, which results in different proportions. You also need to make sure the saddle height is right for you. Allow 30 degrees of bend in your legs when your foot is at the bottom of the stroke of the pedal.

Cycling Jerseys consist of material that is snug and let’s your body breathe. You don’t want your shirt to flap in the wind. The front of the jerseys have a zip and the back of it has pockets where you can put items such as spare tubes, pump, keys, or whatever is needed to carry with you while riding.

Bicycle shorts are padded to give comfort on the seat of your bike. Some shorts have drawstrings around the waist, but the more popular shorts have straps which come over the shoulders to hold the shorts in place.

When looking for helmets, make sure that the helmet meets safety standards, is also easily adjustable, and comfortable.

As for biking glasses, be sure that they protect the eyes from bugs and sunlight. Be sure to look for a pair that fits comfortably, also provides the proper protections from wind and UV rays.

Biking gloves are usually fingerless leather to give comfort when gripping the handle bars. And when shopping for bike shoes, make sure the shoes has a firm sole to reduce the strain in using the pedals. If the sole of the shoe is too soft, your foot will bend around the pedal and will make your legs work harder to pedal.

With the help of tips, suggestions, and the right gear, cycling is comfortable, safe and much more enjoyable.

 The video below is from Marin Headlands, voted best bike ride in San Francisco Bay Area.